Save on your stay at Pigeon Forge

Looking for last-minute hotel deals, vacation packages and seasonal offers in Pigeon Forge, TN? Music Road Resort Hotel has put together an amazing selection of hotel deals that are fun and affordable! We offer special hotel rates, and hotel packages with attraction tickets, dinner gift cards, show tickets, holiday packages, and more. Plus guests enjoy access to two indoor pools, two outdoor pools, two arcades, a Hotel Concierge, and more! 

Book any hotel deal directly with Music Road Resort because our hotel special rates and packages beat typical booking sites! 

Spring Concierge Package

Book the Spring Concierge Package and get Concierge credit to use towards exciting things to do while on your vacation!

Spring Break Spectacular

Stay longer and do more with our Spring Break Spectacular Package!

A lady dipping legs in the outdoor pool at Music Road Resort

Summer Celebration Deal

Celebrate summer with a vacation packed with fun! Book this package with stay a minimum of 4 nights to receive your choice of the following: 2 adult and 2 childrens WonderWorks tickets, 2 adult admissions to Soaky Mountain Waterpark, 2 adult and 2 childrens tickets to Nascar Speedpark. Stay 5 nights to choose two of these exciting options!

Summer Concierge Special

Get more out of your vacation and get rewarded more by the concierge when staying longer. Stay 3 nights get $100 Concierge Credit, stay 5 nights get $200 Concierge Credit, stay 6 nights get $225 Concierge Credit, stay 7 nights get $300 Concierge Credit. Whether it’s shopping, dining, entertainment, or activities, the Concierge has got you covered.*

Close-up of a stake & fries dish served at Music Road Resort

Double Dinner Deal

Book this hotel package for a minimum of three nights and you'll receive two $50 Dinner credit vouchers to enjoy delicious dining at Calhoun's Restaurant or the Smoky Mountain Brewery in Pigeon Forge!

Close-up of a couple holding hands at Music Road Resort

Anniversary Celebration Package

This package is all about romance! Celebrate with dinner, champagne and strawberries, roses, and more!*

Close-up of a colorful birthday confetti at Music Road Resort

Birthday Celebration Package

Celebrate at Music Road Resort. This package includes cake, balloons, and soft drinks with your stay!*

A Family enjoying a ride at Music Road Resort

Wonderworks Package

Receive two adult and two child admissions to WonderWorks with your stay.* WonderWorks is a spectacular museum that's right around the corner from Music Road Resort. It's a super fun attraction with over 150 interactive exhibits, which is great for families!