Aerial view of Music Road Resort with the outdoor pool

About Us

Experience Our Family Resort in Pigeon Forge

The Music Road Resort Hotel has a history as rich and fascinating as that of Pigeon Forge itself…  

Inn vs. Hotel

While Music Road Resort runs the Hotel and Inn both so guests can use amenities, like the water parks and indoor pools, at both properties, there are some basic differences. 


The Hotel is on the same side of the street as the Convention Center, while the Inn is across the street. 


The rooms and suites at the Hotel have a luxurious contemporary style, while the Inn is charmingly sophisticated. 

Water Parks

The Hotel Water Park has a mushroom fountain in the outdoor pool. The Inn has a kiddie pool that is perfect for toddlers. 


The Hotel has an amazing terrace that guests fall in love with, that bends along with the Little Pigeon River. The Hotel also has full views of Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountains, while the Inn has an incredible view of the Great Smoky Mountains overlooking the Hotel. 


The differences in our game rooms, the Hotel has an air hockey table, guests should try both game rooms for plenty of fun!