NQC Spring Break

Stay at Music Road Resort Hotel for NQC

NQC Spring Break

Dates: April 11th | April 12th

If you're a gospel music fan, you'll want to attend the National Quartet Convention's Spring Break event, a unique way to spend your spring break. This year's 'lite' version of the convention, held on April 11th and 12th, promises an unforgettable time. You'll see your favorite artists perform in the breathtaking Great Smoky Mountains, surrounded by stunning scenery.


Here is the schedule of performances:

April 11th, 2024 - 6:30 pm (doors open at 5:30 pm)

Greater Vision, Mark Trammell Qt, Hoppers, Triumphant Qt, Whisnants

April 12th, 2024 - 10:00 am (doors open at 9 am)

Mylon Hayes Family, Jonathan Wilburn, Littles, Endless Highway

April 12th, 2024 - 6:30 pm (doors open at 5:30 pm)

Joseph Habedank, Tribute Qt, Brian Free & Assurance, Jim & Melissa Brady, Kingsmen


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For more information about the NQC Spring Break event, call 1-800-965-9324 or visit https://www.natqc.com/events/nqc-spring-break.