5 Attractions that Beat the Rain!

When it comes to the weather in East Tennessee, things can change on a dime. Don’t let the rain get you down, though! There are plenty of options for rainy days in Pigeon Forge!

Tanger Outlet Mall in Sevierville TN

When it comes to the weather in East Tennessee, things can change on a dime.

Don’t let the rain get you down, though! There are plenty of options for rainy days in Pigeon Forge! Whether you enjoy the indoor pools, onsite arcades, or decide to venture out for entertainment, there are options that will still make your trips memorable since Music Road Resort sits in the heart of Pigeon Forge.


1. Biblical Times Theater 

Grand Smokies Theme-plex entertains in two different forms: Dinner Theater ­– Biblical Times and three unique museums. Biblical Times Dinner Theater provides fantastic entertainment in their two-in-one show, while the Museums at Biblical Times Theater offer three unique educational experiences in a two-hour tour. Biblical times theater is also easily accessible, less than half a mile from the resort. 

Tip! If you go early before the show, you can do both the museum and the show! For more information, visit https://www.musicroadresort.com/explore-pigeon-forge/attractions/grand-smokies-theme-plex-pigeon-forge.


2. The Titanic Museum 

Though we have written about The Titanic Museum in previous blogs, the location less than a mile from Music Road Resort is very enticing, especially on a rainy day! Are you ready to be taken back in time as you receive your boarding pass of an actual Titanic passenger or crew member? During your self-guided tour, you will learn in-depth about these passengers and crew members as you view over four hundred personal and private artifacts from the ship and the passengers themselves. The Titanic Museum Attraction also includes the ability to touch a real iceberg, feel twenty-eight-degree water, walk the hallways of the ship as well as the Grand Staircase, and try to stand on the sloping decks, giving you a real-life experience of what it was like on the RMS Titanic.

Tip! Having a reserved ticket may cut down on your time in line, and if you would rather listen than read, they offer an additional self-guided audio tour. To make reservations, visit www.titanicpigeonforge.com.


3. MagiQuest Pigeon Forge

MagiQuest is an interactive, live-action, role-playing game where players embark on quests and adventures in an enchanted fantasy world using real magic wands to solve the game’s mysteries. They also feature indoor mini-golf, a laser challenge, and a mirror maze adventure! This location is less than a mile from Music Road Resort and is easily accessible from the Parkway. 

Tip! Check their website, https://www.magiquestpf.com/, for packages for the four-in-one adventure with your family!  


4. Tanger Outlet Mall

Tanger Outlets in Pigeon Forge is a fantastic way to spend the day if you enjoy shopping and extraordinary deals! Shop at over 100 outlet stores that include Coach, Nine West, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap, and Under Armor. Rest up and recharge your shopping batteries at Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, or the delicious Chop House. For more information, visit https://www.musicroadresort.com/explore-pigeon-forge/attractions/tanger-outlets-sevierville. 

Tip! Remember to pace yourself because the savings are everywhere at Tanger Outlets, located down the Parkway in Sevierville, Tennessee, approximately 1.5 miles from Music Road Resort!


5. The Pines

We have written about The Pines Theater being a hidden gem, but this location is also perfect for rainy days! With their various forms of entertainment, from duckpin bowling to their full-service bar, if you’re looking for somewhere to relax or friendly competition to beat the rain, this is the place is for you! Located in Historic Downtown Sevierville and under 5 miles from the Resort, this is the perfect place to spend your evening! To find out more, visit https://www.thepinesdowntown.com

Tip! If you are looking for a late-night hang-out spot, The Pines is open till 11 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday and Sundays. However, on Friday and Saturday, they are open till 12 a.m.! They are closed on Mondays.