Parrot Mountain And Garden Of Eden

Just alongside Dollywood is the road to Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  You’ll take a lovely drive through a quiet little neighborhood and up the side of the mountain to the parking lot, and picturesque view of a quaint Thomas Kinkade inspired entrance.

Once inside, you'll see and hear talkative tropical birds, and you'll take a short walk to parrot cottages holding beautiful exotic birds. Each parrot cottage has information about the type of bird, a fantastic learning experience for people of all ages.

Make your way down the paths, past many birds on perches, to the Secret Garden entrance, a fun little enclosure with toucans, magpies, etc. flying all around you!

Just past the Secret Garden is the Bird Garden where approximately fifty birds are waiting to interact with you. You can feed them and take pictures with them. There is even one that makes all sorts of funny noises, like a cat meow, this area is so fun! Next is the lory aviary where you can feed little lories nectar from a cup, this is a fascinating part of Parrot Mountain! Keep walking around the path, and you'll come to a very peaceful area, the Garden of Eden, where you can relax and admire this exceptional part of Parrot Mountain.

Continue on your way around Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge past larger parrot cottages with even more exotic birds, and you will arrive at the baby bird nursery. Visit with these little cuties at different stages of their early life, hold them, watch them be hand-fed, and you can even purchase a bird to take home to have as a new friend for life! Trained staff is there to teach you everything you'll need to know to keep a healthy and happy bird.

Before you go, you can grab a quick bite to eat and a souvenir from your experience at Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge. The number of items in the gift shop ensures you will find just the right treasure to keep your Parrot Mountain memories.

Overall Parrot Mountain and Gardens is a great place to bring kids, friends, church groups, and loved ones to have that up close and personal experience with beautiful tropical birds with beautiful landscaping, including a waterfall, beautiful flowers and plants, and benches for relaxing, all in the Smoky Mountains.

Admission Prices

  •     $19.95 – Adults (12 years old and up)
  •     $8.95 – Children's (2 – 11 years old)
  •     $15.95 – Seniors (65 years old and up)
  •     Group Rates (25 and up – MUST HAVE RESERVATIONS)*
  •     $15.95 – Adults (12 years old and up)
  •     $7.95 – Children's (2 – 11 years old)

*Group rates are available. Admission prices are subject to change without notice. For the most updated pricing and hours of operation see the Parrot Mountain website.

1471 McCarter Hollow Rd 38762 Pigeon Forge